People. Technology. Vision.

"To understand VISITS, you need to understand that we see technology for what it delivers to your organisation, rather than just focusing on the technology itself."

Adam Feldman Managing Director VISITS

Adam Feldman
VISITS Managing Director

Our brand

Our brand is built around People, Technology and Vision.


For your organisation to succeed, your people need unfettered access to the right tools.

When we give advice, we think about your staff and how our advice makes them more successful. When we provide support, we appreciate that we're working with a real person.

We value honesty and relationships. We strive to deliver ourstanding customer service and give your staff confidence in your IT investment.


There's no doubt technology enables your business success. There's also no doubt that reliance on technology carries many risks.

We think about IT in terms of the financial, operational and competitive advantages it delivers to your business, whilst considering how to mitigate (technology) associated risks.

We know technology. We keep abreast of industry developments and trends, reviewing and analysing new technologies so we understand them and can advise you on their commercial realities. We understand what technologies will actually help your business today and in the future.


We want to understand how you use technology, to give you competitive advantage. We want to challenge you to consider new ideas that will add value to your organisation and potentially reduce your IT costs.

At the end of the day, our success relies on your success. We want to help you achieve your vision by giving you access to the right technology and ensuring your people are confident and satisfied with everything technology related.

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