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With your reliance and investment in IT, you can't afford to make a wrong decision.

Planning is essential for the growth and development of every business, and planning your technology strategy is a crucial aspect of this process.

We have assisted many clients to extract greater value from technology, plan their future IT needs and confidently move forward with new investments in technology, whilst managing risks and reducing IT costs.

Business strategy

If you feel IT is a business cost rather than a business enabler, you're probably getting the wrong advice from the wrong people.

VISITS' ConsultantsWe see technology for what it does: how it makes your staff more efficient, your customer interactions more intelligent and your business more successful.

Our Business Consultants work with you to understand your business, your requirements and your vision. They help you navigate the complexity of technology and its use in your business. They challenge you to consider new ideas, better ways or risks you may not have considered.

They will give you advice, make recommendations, provide budget estimates and arrange quotations (from VISITS or others) - a complete end-to-end solution.

Technology strategy

How should you deliver your IT tools and manage IT risks? How do you deal with the explosion in information and data, ageing or rigid infrastructure, growing security threats, performance issues, mobile computing and business continuity requirements? How does cloud, virtualisation and other new technology fit into your infrastructure plan?

Our Business Consultants and Specialist Solution teams can help answer these questions. We'll understand your organisation's needs and current technology, and help you plan and design solutions to address your future requirements. We can also implement and manage the infrastructure on your behalf.

Tailored to YOU

The consulting needs of our clients are very different, and our Consulting Services are therefore flexible and dynamic.

Our Business Consultants are highly skilled with many years' experience in both internal IT management and consulting roles.

Smaller clients might have regular conversations with their Business Consultant and a number of formal planning sessions annually. Other clients utilise their Business Consultant to chair IT Steering Committees.

Increasingly, our clients are engaging their Business Consultant as an outsourced CIO or IT Manager to drive business application strategies and manage other vendor engagements.

Consulting is also available on a purely adhoc project basis.

Additionally, we provide business-IT strategy through regular seminars, whitepapers and other educational resources.

Make decisions based on the right advice

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